Dished heads and shells made in France

Distrifond et ses fonds GRC made in France

Tank heads and bottoms made in France

Distrifond has chosen to collaborate with French factories to manufacture all of its dished ends in France, at a time when many are manufactured in other countries close to or across the world. We give priority to French quality.


Tank head and bottoms made in France


The guarantee of quality for all our heads and bottoms

Indeed, our choice to promote only « Made in France » dished heads and shells enables us to :


  • Preserve the industrial know-how in France and take advantage of its quality

Distrifond, choosing French partners, contributes to the longevity of the French industry. Our partners are recognized for their reliability and efficiency.


  • Guarantee its customers quality products and time delivery

With ISO 9001 certification of partners, and with the controls we perform, we control the good quality of our products, before each delivery.


  • Ensure compliance with labor law and respectful of individuals jobs

It is good to work within Distrifond: the premises are bright, the security measures are implemented, work schedules are respected. We ensure that our company and our partners are attentive regarding our social responsibility.