Dished heads traceability

Material traceability

Monitoring and raw material traceability

To guarantee the highest level of quality, Distrifond ensures material traceability throughout the manufacturing process. You can request Certificates of in-factory product control for your dished head during your order.

Traceability of our dished ends

Dished heads "made in France"

Distrifond favors heads made from raw material of European origin with certificate 3.1. If the material comes from Europe, we chose to work only with French manufacturers in order to stimulate the national economy and to prioritize our national stakeholders. Collaborating with French factories enables both to have fast deliveries and to have quality assurance in production, since the labor sector in France is known to be highly qualified and efficient.

A short circuit for your heads and bottoms

By working directly with steelworks and manufacturers, Distrifond guarantees a short circuit without intermediary distribution. This allows the control of raw materials but also to ensure a high level of quality at the best price. For you, this guarantees the quality of dished ends, and it also means attractive delivery times.

Your satisfaction, our daily commitment

The satisfaction of our customers is to Distrifond, the most important goal. Our model was created to bring you the assurance to get the desired dished ends, with our services which are fully dedicated to this purpose.

A team of trained professionals with expertise on tank bottoms, heads and shells, is at your disposal to bring you satisfaction throughout our collaboration. Our team also verifies the origin and quality of the heads we offer. Through the traceability and control, we guarantee great quality products.