Distrifond, dished heads specialist

First online store selling shells, tank heads and bottoms

Distrifond is the online store that enables you to easily order a shell, a tank head or bottom in a few clicks. The site is made for all professionals, whether in the food industry, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, nuclear or else. If you desire one or more dished ends, it's very simple: you choose your tank bottom regarding its material, its thickness, its manufacturing standard, and its outside diameter, and you will receive in a few days wherever you want, at your workshop or elsewhere (in the zones where we can deliver).

Distrifond is the first distributor of steel heads and shells which has its sales site. We work closely with recognized French factories ISO 9001 certified , to ensure the quality of the heads that we offer. We also have a large stock to ensure a faster delivery.

Pro quality for all dished heads

Distrifond offers stainless steel and carbon dished heads of high quality. Our recognized partners produce these bottoms with a large compliance, we diligently supervise in order to guarantee the best quality. Depending on their diameter, the dished heads are made by stamping or spinning process. Moreover, Distrifond guarantees the traceability of the material of all dished heads. You can ask for the Certificates when ordering.

In addition, the steel used for our products comes from certified European steelworks exclusively.

Dished heads great quality

A dished head of quality and a fast delivery

By buying your tank head or your shell on Distrifond, you get a very high quality at the best price. After your order, we ship in few days throughout France and further through our network of carriers. We also work with recognized carriers for their professionalism and short deadlines. So you'll be able to acquire quality bottoms in good condition and in due time.

Team of specialists in tank heads and shells

With Distrifond, get advices from steel experts. You can easily contact us by mail, and we are at your service from Monday to Friday from 9am to 17:00 on our dedicated telephone line. It is with pleasure that we will answer your various questions in order to provide you the best product for your needs.

Distrifond, first online shop to sell dished heads