GRC D.EXT 500 ép 4 mm dép P265GH
  • GRC D.EXT 500 ép 4 mm dép P265GH
  • GRC D.EXT 500 ép 4 mm dép P265GH
  • GRC D.EXT 500 ép 4 mm dép P265GH
  • GRC D.EXT 500 ép 4 mm dép P265GH

DIN28011- P265GH- 500mm diameter 4mm thick

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Dished head in P265GH A42CP steel - diameter 500mm

DIN28011 tank heads and bottoms, made up from 4 mm thick P265GH A42CP steel sheets.

This dished end is ideal for making full pressure vessels.

All dimensions are in millimeters.



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Steel dished heads with a 500mm diameter

This P265GH tank head is manufactured in accordance with DIN28011.

The dish radius is 500mm. 

The knuckle radius is 50mm.

The straight flange height is 25mm.

Fast delivery of P265GH steel bottoms

Thanks to the direct relationship with manufacturing partners, we want to guarantee a short circuit without any intermediary. Thus it enables the control of raw materials while also ensures a high level of quality at an affordable price. We guarantee the quality of our dished heads. And for all professionals, this means bottoms delivered as quickly as possible, which is more than appropriate for urgent deadlines.

Carbon Steel P265GH head forming

These dished ends are manufactured in accordance with DIN28011. Manufacturing tolerances strictly follow the DIN28011, highlighting the tolerances on its height, its thickness after forming.

For a tank head ordered at a nominal thickness (also called starting thickness) E, the actual thickness measured after forming may differ from E, not only because of the tolerances on the thickness of the sheet, but also because of changes caused by the forming process.

We took care to specify thicknesses listed above in the features, with other important information.


Data sheet

Klopper head (DIN-28011)
Manufacturing standards
Outer diameter
Ø 500 mm
Nominal Thickness
4 mm
Mini Thickness
3.4 mm
Straight flange height
25 mm
P265GH (A42CP)