Rolled shell - 304L- 650mm diameter 3mm thick

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Rolled shell in 304L stainless steel 650 mm diameter 3mm thickness

The shell is supplied with an automatic soldering (Plasma-TIG/GTAW). There is no radio control on the weld.

This shell is made from a sheet of stainless steel 304L - 1.4307 in 3 mm thickness.

All dimensions are in millimeters.



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A complete service, from the shell to the ends

The shells supplied by Distrifond are rolled and welded, and then gabarized. They have raw welds without radio control. The welds are made following the rules of the art according to the determined operating procedures. If you wish to carry out checks on the weld, any reworks will be at your expense.

Thus, Distrifond can provide you a shell, the dished ends, in order to get the full stainless pressure vessel that you desire.

Tailor-made stainless steel shell

You are on the page of the shell adapted to the diameter of your dished heads. Then you have to choose the length of your stainless steel shell according to the desired dimensions of the future pressure vessel. Thus, you will get the shell perfectly adapted to your project of construction of pressure.

However, since the shells are tailored, you will understand that the delivery time will be longer than for simple dished heads in stock, since there is a manufacturing phase to be taken into account.

304L - 1.4307 stainless steel shell

The 304L is the most popular stainless steel. Also called 1.4307, it is a food-compatible stainless steel.

The 304L stainless steel is an alloy wherein the nickel and chromium are added. It can be used both indoors but also outdoors, however it should not be used in a contaminated environment.

The origin of stainless steel sheets (used for the manufacture of heads and shells) is European and our partners are ISO9001 certified manufacturers from France.


Data sheet

Outer diameter
Ø 650 mm
Nominal Thickness
3 mm
304 L - 1.4307