P265GH (A42CP)
Klopper head (DIN-28011) / NFE81102
GRC D.EXT 600 ép 3 mm dép P265GH

DIN28011- P265GH - 600mm diameter 3mm thick

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DIN 28011 Dished end diam 200 in P265GH steel

DIN28011 tank heads and bottoms, formed from  3 mm thick P265GH A42CP steel sheets.

This dished end is suitable for welding.

Please note that all dimensions are in millimeters.

More details

  • > Type : Klopper head (DIN-28011)
  • > Manufacturing standards: DIN28011
  • > Outer diameter: Ø 600 mm
  • > Nominal Thickness: 3 mm
  • > Mini Thickness: 2.3 mm
  • > Straight flange height: 25 mm
  • > Bevel: D1
  • > Material: P265GH (A42CP)
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Product assets

P265GH A42CP pressure vessel head

This P265GH tank head is manufactured in accordance with DIN28011.

The dish radius is 600mm. 

The knuckle radius is 60mm.

The straight flange height is 25mm.

DIN28011 Torispherical head material

This torispherical tank head is formed from 3 mm thick P265GH A42CP steel sheets.

P265GH steel is a steel perfectly suitable for manufacturing pressure vessel.

Choosing steel sheets

The steel sheets are carefully chosen and our partners in Europe are French manufacturers who are ISO-9001 certified.

We are also able to give you the Certificates of in-factory product control for your dished head during your order.

P265GH steel dished head standards

These dished ends are manufactured in accordance with DIN28011. Manufacturing tolerances strictly follow the DIN28011, highlighting the tolerances on its height, its thickness after forming.

For a tank head ordered at a nominal thickness (also called starting thickness) E, the actual thickness measured after forming may differ from E, not only because of the tolerances on the thickness of the sheet, but also because of changes caused by the forming process.

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